Thursdays from 7:45pm at Widcombe Baptist Church

Being a long way from home can be a challenging experience but it's made easier when you become part of a fellowship group of people going through similar experiences. At International Bible study we seek to get to know God better through the Bible and also care for each other through sharing and prayer.


This semester we will be studying the New Testament book of 1 Peter. Through this book we will learn what it is like living as a stranger in a foreign land. A Christian's true home is heaven and we will discover how knowing this should effect the way we live on earth. We will think about practical applications for living as an international student in the UK and when you return home.

I really benefit from the group from the first moment I join it! It’s a blessing that as an international student I can be taken care of and grew up in God’s words in this way.
— Hung-Ju from Taiwan

If you would like to come on Thursday evenings please let us know by signing up on the form below. We will send an email with more details when you sign up. We look forward to meeting you!

Where do we meet?

We meet at 7:45pm in the Coffee Bar of Widcombe Baptist Church. The Coffee Bar entrance is found along the path that leads down to the canal at the back of the church. See below for details.


Can I still Join the group if I am not a Christian?

Of course! Everyone is welcome and it's often one of the best ways of finding out what Christianity is all about, to meet with a group of Christians and study the Bible with them and see how they care for each other. There is an alternative Bible study group for people looking into what Christians believe. Find out more by clicking here.

Bible Study Material for International Students

You can download previous Bible study material from here. Please note that we may do some of these studies again at the Bible study. You may download the studies for free. If you work with international students and are looking for Bible study material please feel free to edit them for your own purposes.

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