Treasure Hunt - Tuesday 5th June from 7:30pm.

Cafe International is back on 5th June with a unique Cafe experience: the Bath Treasure Hunt. We begin with a typical British meal at the church and then go on a Treasure Hunt around the city which will likely take you to parts of the city you didn't know where there! Work as a team to solve clues at different locations and be the first group to discover the Treasure. Return the Treasure to the church in exchange for some chocolate prizes. The evening will include:

  • A typical British main meal at the church.
  • Treasure Hunt around the city from approximately 8:30pm until 9:30pm.
  • Chocolate prizes for returning the Treasure to the church.
  • Meet local British people and other international students from all over the world!
  • Get to know one of our volunteers better and discover how their Christian faith makes a difference to their life.
  • Table tennis will also be available during the free time.

Get your free tickets from our EVentbrite Page: Treasure Hunt Cafe Tickets