My host family are all amazing people! Thanks to their hospitality, I had a chance joined lots of different interesting activities. The hosting experience will definitely be one of my most unforgettable memories regarding to the life in Bath. Thank you sooooo much!
— Yinan from China


  • Have you ever wanted to meet a British family and see inside their home?

  • Would you like to enjoy the experience of a British meal with a friendly local family?

  • Are you interested in making local friends and learning more about British culture?

If any of the above is true then the Host Family Programme is for you!

What is Involved?

In signing up for the host programme we will seek to link you up with a family from a church in Bath who best fits with the information you have given about yourself. Where possible we will try to allocate you to families with similar interests as yourselves or so that you can be with your friends. The host programme is also a good way to meet other international students, so it can be a good experience even if we can't send you to the same family as your friends.

Once you have been allocated to a family, you should receive an email within the next couple of weeks from the family who will arrange a time to meet up or invite you around for food. In most cases you will be invited to the family home for food. The family may also take you for walks or even days out in Bath and elsewhere if they are able.

How to sign Up?

Please use the form below to sign up to the Host Family Programme waiting list.

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