Get together with friends and volunteers from Cafe International for a weekend of games, sport, meals, activities and talks - Sign Up Today!

When and where

  • Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd July
  • Beginning with Breakfast on Saturday morning.
  • Ending after lunch on Sunday afternoon.
  • Venue: Widcombe Baptist Church in Bath.


Victoria Falls Adventure Golf.jpg

What's Happening?

  • Join us for a weekend of great food, games, sport, activities, time to relax in Bath and the opportunity to discover more about the Christian faith.
  • Reunite with your friends and some of the volunteers from Cafe International.
  • On Saturday morning we will be hearing from three students who have decided that Christianity is relevant to them and we will be hearing their stories of how they came to believe in Jesus. There will also be a short presentation on 'How is Christianity Relevant to me Back Home?'
  • On Saturday afternoon we will go out to Royal Victoria park to either play sport, have a round of Adventure golf or go for a walk to the lake and botanical gardens. If the weather is bad then we will show a film at the church instead.
  • We will be serving a cooked English Breakfast on Saturday morning as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Five meals for £5!
  • The chance to experience a Church service at the Church which hosts Cafe International.
  • Other activities will include:
    • Saturday afternoon seminars on a range of different topics about Christianity of your choice.
    • The option of Sport, Baking or Board Games on Saturday evening.
    • Interactive games on Saturday morning to get to know each other better.
    • Time to chat to volunteers over meal times or during free time.
Royal Victoria Park

Royal Victoria Park


You can download a provisional programme of the weekend here:

HOw Much will it cost?

The price for the weekend is just £5 to go towards the cost of the meals. We will be catering for precise numbers for this weekend, so unlike Cafe International you will have to sign up and pay your £5 in advance if you want to enjoy the meals at the weekend.

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