Shakespeare Cafe - Tuesday 24th April from 7:30pm.

William Shakespeare is one of Britains most famous and influential poets and playwrights of all time. Find out how Shakespeare has impacted British culture at this week's Cafe. The evening will include:

  • A free traditional British main meal.
  • A short presentation on Shakespeare and his influence on British culture.
  • Hear an excerpt of a Shakespeare play read aloud.
  • A short game to discover which Shakespeare phrases are used in everyday English and discover their meaning.
  • A short comedy/tradgedy drama featuring some of those phrases.
  • Meet local British people and other international students from all over the world!
  • Meet one of our volunteers and find out the difference their Christian faith makes to their life in the Get to Know slot.
  • We have two table tennis tables that will be available during the free time.

Get your free tickets from our EVentbrite Page: Shakespeare Cafe Tickets